Christian Camp for teens out of control Our Lady of Mount Carmel Camp for troubled teens
Admissions for teens for MTC
Frequently Asked Questions about MTC’s Wilderness Camp

What are the requirements for admission to your Wilderness Camp?
A. Read and fill out the application forms.
B. Read Parent Manual and sign form.
C. Complete required Phone interview to see if we are the best placement for your son.

What are the ages of the Troubled Youth you serve?
Mt Carmel Youth Ranch serves young men between the ages of 12-17.

What kind of troubled youth does Mt Carmel Youth Ranch Benefit?
During the phone interview our admissions director will ask you a few simple questions to determine eligibility of your boy to our Wilderness Camp. Eligibility will be determined by taking a history of your boy's behavior. In most instances eligibility will be determined immediately.

When do you take applications for your Wilderness Camp?
Applications are processed year round.

How long does it take to process an application?
It could happen quickly depending on how long it takes to fill out the application, and send your deposit to reserve your son's space. Usually 3 days to a week.

What is the duration of your Behavior Modification Programs?
Depends on the student’s needs, but a minimum of 21-days and a maximum of 18-months.

Do all the troubled youth on the ranch attend school?
Depends on the program.

What curriculum is used in your School for Troubled Teens?
We use the nationally accredited Seton Home Study Program, Christian-based and the Nationally Accepted Our Lady of the Rosary home study program; which offers complete teacher services, texts, lesson plans, workbooks, tests, grading and diplomas etc.

Is church attendance mandatory?

Will you take a troubled youth that is addicted to drugs?

Will Mt Carmel Youth Ranch dispense medications to my son?

Is there an airport near the ranch?
Yes, the nearest airports are in Cody, Wyoming or Billings, Montana.

What form of discipline is used in your Wilderness Camp?
We use a positive incentive based system of activities and responsibilities for our behavior modification programs; such as team leaders, driving the pickup, riding horseback, running farm equipment etc. They also may go to the boy's own court system where they are the judge and jury. The discipline may be pushups, running, wilderness trips etc.

What is your religious affiliation?
We are a Catholic family: however we do respect all Faiths.

Is Mt Carmel Youth Ranch a licensed facility?
Mt Carmel Youth Ranch is licensed by the state of Wyoming, Department of Family Services. We are a non-profit organization with a governing board of directors.

All fees cover in-house counseling, tutoring, 24 hour supervision, room and board, academic classes, personal hygiene products, use of horse, saddle and all tack he will use during his stay at the ranch, all bedding and laundry facilities, use of all outdoor gear, tent and camping gear etc

Please keep in mind, a phone interview is still the best way to see if your troubled youth will be helped at Mt Carmel Youth Ranch & Mt. Carmel Wilderness Programs, Inc.

Do you know an at risk teen? Call Mount Carmel Youth Ranch for more information on our Wilderness Camp and Schools for Troubled Teens, we can help.

Business/ Admissions Office (307)-645-3322 or reach us by email at

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